Cooking A-Z: R is Ravioli


These raviolis were made with love 🙂 My husband and I spent Sunday afternoon making these tasty little raviolis together and we were really pleased with how they came out. We didn’t follow one exact recipe, instead we improvised (which I love doing) and the filling had such a great taste! The dough can also be boiled which I think I would try next time to see what the difference in the texture would be. This is a great Italian dish that I would make again and again 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

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Avocado smoothie

Delicious Bali

The creamiest smoothie ever

avocado smoothie

For 2 glasses:

2-3 avocados (soft)
100 ml milk or coconut milk
1-2 tablespoon honey
150 ml water

If you like it cold add some ice cubes or crushed ice before you start the blender. You can also put some desiccated coconut inside.

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My top 10 must-do for tourists in Paris

All about Paris

pic1 Yes, Paris is crowded and it’s very touristy but there are some places you should not miss if coming for the first time; here is my top 10:
1. Eiffel tower  -> more info
2. Montmartre/ Sacre-coeur  -> more info
3. Versailles Palace  -> more info

pic24. Louvre Museum -> more info
5. Notre-dame -> more info
6. A walk on Champs Elysees (and a stop for LaDuree’s macarons) -> more info

pic37. A walk on Place Vendome -> more info
8. A cafe at “Cafe de Flore” or “Les deux Magots” in Saint-Germain -> more info
9. A “Berthillon” or “Amorino” ice-cream on Ile-Saint-Louis (needs to be eaten seated at the edge of Seine river) -> more info
10. Disneyland Paris -> more info

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No guilt ice cream – only 5 ingredients!

Zaatar and Quinoa

So I have always been a fan of dates but I never knew how they could be used to sweeten so many desserts, thus opening the door to me having many desserts guilt free!

photo 4

The essential ingredient here is good quality dates, mine were from Saudi ( shout out to Nahel for giving me so many!)

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Vegan Fudge Brownies

Zaatar and Quinoa

I love to ask people who try my food “Rana’s Guessing game” it basically consists of one question always and you are allowed up to three answers. Can you guess the main ingredient in this?


By now people are used to naming all types of fruits and nuts but this was a shock…

People were so shocked to find out the main ingredient was..

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Chicken Quesadillas

Yummy Food Recipes

Easy and Delicious Chicken Quesadillas Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

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Chicken Quesadillas Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

Recipe Ingridents
flour tortillas,corn,diced tomatoes,cooked chicken,shredded cheddar cheese

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